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Tao Hands Evening, London, UK, 2019, In Person

Tao Hands Evening, London, UK, 2019, In Person

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Discover How You Can Bless Your Health, Relationships, Finance and Business

Tao Hands are a sacred and special transmission that activate within you an incredible ability to offer high level special blessings with the high frequency and vibration of love, forgiveness, compassion and light. Tao Hands make accessible to you a universal soul blessing power traditionally realized for a rare few to assist others in maintaining their health, feeling vital and whole, bringing love and light to their relationships, and more.

In this evening, you will learn and experience:​

  • The sacred connection of the soul, heart, mind, and body, how they can be blocked, and how you can realign them to experience optimal health, well-being and happiness
  • What are Tao Hands
  • The power and significance of Tao Hands
  • How Tao Hands can bless your health, relationships, finance, business and more
  • A Tao Hands blessing for 1 personal request
  • How you can receive Tao Hands to offer sacred blessings to yourself, others, groups and remotely.

Come join this special evening to learn more and experience the sacred blessings of Tao Hands.

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